How to write a thesis, which allow for protection?

So you have decided on the theme and plan your graduation project, now you just imagine how it will look your future work. Remember, the most important stage in the writing of the thesis is to make the introduction. It is on this part of the diploma admission committee will pay particular attention to the defense. On how well and beautifully and concisely written, will be an introduction, will largely depend on the general impression about the whole work.

Protection degree project usually lasts a few minutes and during this time, members of the selection committee just did not have time to fully explore the theoretical and practical chapters work, therefore, as a rule, their main attention is paid to the work plan and implementation.

The theoretical part presents and analyzes the general concepts of the topic. Provides an overview of already studied earlier such investigations. The content of the theoretical chapters should be directly relevant to the chosen topic. In fact, the theoretical part of the thesis presents an overview of the concepts of patterns and approaches to study your chosen subject. Also, the theoretical part of the diploma must include your own proposal for solving a given problem. Learn more about term paper!
In conclusion, the theoretical part of the work necessary to describe his vision of the problem and an approximate method for your future studies.
The practical part

The practical part of the thesis is your independent research. She needs to pay very careful attention. You need to describe all the details of the study conducted by you, to bring all the necessary calculations, charts and graphs to reflect, if it corresponds to the direction of your work. Be sure to justify all of the methods used to conduct your research. All the points describe the results of work carried out by you. In describing the results were compared with results previously obtained during this study.

Summarize your work, draw conclusions, describe the results of the tasks you set before the study. The last part of the conclusion of the thesis should be general in nature. To summarize all the work done by you.

Applications are not included in the total amount of the thesis. They submitted all the tables, graphs, diagrams, which do not fit on a normal page of text. It is also recommended to put in applications illustrating materials, diagrams and calculations.