Barcelona six senses!

Barcelona - one of those cities, which deserves more familiar than it can afford a sightseeing tour, which satisfied many vykraivaya for her during the day relaxing on one of the nearest Spanish resorts.

This city is where I want to at least briefly to become a part of it, feel the rhythm of his life. I want him to feel, and feel all the means at your disposal by the senses.

In Barcelona, ​​close your eyes do not feel like any minute. This city is incredibly beautiful. Architectural delights and quirks of local residents, green, quiet parks and gardens, and cranes and scaffolding, towering over the bustling squares and avenues, - in all of this feels amazing harmony. Learn more about Revista Rusa!

Each area is beautiful in its own way. Gothic Quarter - a maze of narrow streets, it is always cool and dim light, only occasional sunlight passing relate to the ancient walls. And when the sun goes down, lights are lit and the streets fill with bright, a magic light.

Quite by accident out of this maze you can go to the square before the Cathedral. Over the weekend, you can spend a few hours, not knowing the boredom. The people of street performers entertain on stages around the cathedral orchestra plays, and dance sardanu Catalans. Fascinating spectacle: venerable old men and women stand in a circle, throwing bags into the center, join hands, raise them up and begin to slowly move to the music around. The dance is very restrained, with the full grandeur and solemnity.

Another attraction, gathering crowds of spectators - two young men, armed with a bucket of water and foam an interesting device, which is a two sticks with a rope loop, allowed huge soap bubbles. Just omit the wonderful design of the bucket, and when taken out, the wind blows the amazing shapes and sizes are iridescent bubbles.

Barcelona - the city of Antoni Gaudí, the city of fairy tales, embodied them in reality. Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila, Casa Batllo - each of his creation - a strong visual shock.

When you come to the Park Guell, is really the feeling that you’re in a magical world. Here, a completely different flow times. Or even stop it altogether until the end until you walk through the quaint park pavilions, covered by his crooked alleys, yet does not believe will absorb the splendor of colorful mosaics, yet seemed to look within a poured icing wonder-houses, until you look from the terrace sprawling city below.


Waking the city is filled with the sounds quickly. The morning begins with the fact that the balcony through the open door came the chirping of birds. When you come out of the house to him mingle with the cries of children playing in the school yard, the voices coming from the bakery opened, the noise of cars and police sirens wailing. As for the sirens, it is perhaps almost the only unpleasant sound, which can be here to hear from him can not escape, as he crashes into a false note in the serenity of Montjuïc, and the lively buzz Rambla, and may even break the silence of the Gothic Quarter .

But when the siren stops, Barcelona sounds magical. This city is full of all kinds of music that pours from the park, flows through the streets, rises to the vaults of churches, hovers over the squares and fill in the underground passages.


In the narrow streets of the Gothic Quarter and the broad avenues, and the quiet, cozy squares of Gracia is very easy to fall into captivity smells divine. They stretch from the bakeries and pastry shops, boutiques and luring aroma oils and toilet water. In a small shop on the shelves piled beautiful multi-colored bricks - some look like pieces of chocolate, others - candied fruit. This soap, and each piece exudes a wonderful fragrance. And while you’re sniffing, the seller is happy to tell you about each.

Parque del Laberinto Horta - quiet and very romantic corner of Barcelona. Wandering through the narrow corridors of the high-bush and sniffing the air, impregnated with scents of pine needles, does not want to take the time to find a way out of this maze.

Barcelona - a port city, and where to get away from the smell of the sea, brought in by the wind on the Rambla, permeates every street Barselonetta area. As in any seaside town, if you want to go to the sea, just to meet this merry wind.


Catalan cuisine is considered the most refined cuisine in the country, and yet simple enough. The original sauces and aromatic herbs, excellent paella. In Barcelona, ​​perfectly cooked tortilla - potato omelette with mushrooms, fish and meat, and cold soup gazpacho. Just a few days - and the ham on the table during dinner is already perceived as an indispensable delicacy on which later came back, you will always miss you. Also, get used to any dish served with Catalan bread with tomato and she did not notice how you begin to cook at home, after his return.

Must try the Catalan wines, such as “Penedès” or “Torres,” or the famous sparkling wine “Cava.” And, of course, on a hot day can not deny myself the pleasure of enjoying a glass of ice-cold sangria.

Touch and feel the skin

Beaches Barselonetty crowded on a hot day. Barcelona - not a resort town, but here you can enjoy those yearning for something as a body in the harsh Russian climate. Down with all sorts of deck chairs and umbrellas - you just want to go down on the hot sand, happy to feel like, finally, the skin begins to be filled with sunshine. Lie down and almost purr with pleasure, passing through my fingers rough sand. Then dive into the sea, feel the salt schipet warmed skin, her drive and realize that this is it - happiness.

On the last night in bed only to chase fatigue in the legs. Such that it is difficult to make a move. And then, standing on a dark, narrow street of the Old City, you can remove the shoes and get down on her still-warm pavement with bare feet. And continue your journey barefoot, smiling at passers-counter, which will be surprised to see your eccentricity - they do not know that at this moment you are close to the city as it may be never will.

Sixth sense

Itineraries exploring Barcelona can check the map or guidebook. Then you know exactly where and when, and find yourself some idea what you see. And you can surrender your own intuition, instinct, and hit the road, which will be full of unexpected discoveries, wonderful meetings. You can wander the subway and get off at the station first got a name that will attract, or simply allow the city to show you my most secret treasures, diving into the vortex street.

And then, in the end, the sixth sense may tell you that this meeting with Barcelona will not last, and that the city will be glad to see you here again. And then, throwing a coin into sleep during the day at the Magic Fountain of Montjuic, you’re with a light heart to continue its path to the Plaza de España, where your journey will end in this magical world.