How to penetrate the subconscious mind and influence it?

The subconscious mind receives Section activating influence from three sources: first, from all external sources, which transmit the influence of the individual through the five physical senses, including, of course, through different words and actions that have attracted people’s attention, and secondly, through the a sixth sense that picks up the thoughts emanating from the other, and passes them telepathically to the individual, in-tretih, the thoughts of the individual, including those that are deliberately sent to the subconscious in the form of goals, plans, or desires, as well as random thoughts that overwhelm the individual without plan or purpose.

Accidental, negligent or negative thoughts occupy the minds of most people, these thoughts are unwanted circumstances as they are picked up by the subconscious mind and lead to action. The subconscious mind makes no distinction between negative and positive thoughts, it will recognize them and equally quickly take action in connection with people and with others. Learn more - how to instructions!

Therein lies the reason why most people fall into the category of “losers.” Their thoughts are mostly fixed on the failures and the subconscious mind brings them to a logical conclusion. ‘

Because the subconscious mind pushes to its logical conclusion, all incoming thoughts to him - whether they are for individuals with bad or good, then clearly it is assumed that in order ‘to make the subconscious mind to work for the benefit of man, to give him specific instructions to the effect that it is desirable .

When it comes to ordering the subconscious mind, there are some guidelines to be followed literally,

- Clearly define what it is you want to take the subconscious, and schedule a specific time, the beginning of his actions. Note the verbal formula and repeat it aloud hundreds of times a day, especially before bedtime.

- Repeat it, believe that your subconscious mind will take the necessary measures, and imagine that you’ve already got it, as called for. The statement should end with words of gratitude for giving of what you asked for.

- Before you start to repeat his statement to the subconscious mind, try to immerse yourself in a sublime state of emotional excitement and joy of the inner feeling that your request will be fulfilled. The subconscious mind almost immediately react to the thoughts expressed in a state of emotional recovery, whether negative or positive. The last statement is very important. Read it, please, one more time and think about it.