How to write an essay …

Currently, there are several ways of understanding the essay:
- An essay as a literary genre;
- An essay written as a form of control;
- An essay as a document that is required for admission to the European and American universities.

Essay as a literary genre is a prose essay and a small amount of free songs. In 1580, Michel de Montaigne essays introduced as a distinct genre forms. However, the very name of “essay” was first used by Francis Bacon in 1597, titled, so a number of his books.

The volume of essays ranges from 7-50 pages, but often reaches 10-20. The difference from the other essays of literary genres, small volume, for example, the story, is his goal. The purpose of the essay, as a rule, is information or interpretation, rather than a paraphrase or a dramatic representation of an event. Therefore, in the narrative of a literary essay does not introduce any fictional characters and plot lines. The classic literary essays have journalistic focus. Learn more custom essay!

In this case the main element that distinguishes the genre of essay is to express an individual point of view emphasized by the author described the event, phenomenon, problem, etc. Especially popular genre of the essay is in literary criticism. For objectivity’s sake, we should say that the genre of the essay has long ceased to be only a literary-critical orientation. Nowadays, ubiquitous non-fiction, fiction, philosophical, historical, biographical, and other essays. By and large, an essay - is the author’s thoughts on any subject.

The dynamism of modern life, high rates of processes occurring in society also affected the education sector. The most important requirements to the level of education of modern man is not only a thorough knowledge of professional orientation, but also the ability to correctly connected, accessible and beautifully articulate their thoughts.

Therefore, one of the most frequently used methods of monitoring students’ knowledge becomes an essay. Essay writing as a form of control applies teachers of different disciplines (ranging from the classic “Russian Language and Literature”, ending the political science, law, and foreign language). This kind of written works is used as the entrance and in the finals, as well as intermediate forms of control. In order to write an essay that deserves a positive assessment, it is necessary to remember a few recommendations.

A. Mandatory formal requirement of this work is heading. The rest: content, method of presentation of ideas, formulation of the problem, formulation of conclusions, etc. - Written at the discretion of the author.

Two. The main requirement of a substantive nature of the statement is the author’s view of this problem. Here are possible options: a comparison of known points of views and opinions of the writer or just a subjective expression of the author’s thoughts on the matter.

Three. As a means of artistic expression when writing an essay encouraged the use of various metaphors, associations, comparisons, reduction of aphorisms, quotations (but do not forget that the essay - it’s still the personal opinions and do not get involved in top of the page), drawing parallels and analogies, and . etc. Vitality and dynamism of the text of the essay questions are usually attached, unexpected transitions, unexpected conclusions.

4. When writing an essay should avoid phrases such as “In this essay I will talk about …” “In this essay deals with the problem …” etc. Much better to replace them with questions, problems, or statement of appeal to the reader, because the main purpose of the essay - interested readers, to inform him of the author, get to think about read, draw their own conclusions on the matters under investigation.

The main thing when writing an essay - to express their views.

Essays as a document that is required for admission to the European and American universities, similar in content to the autobiography. However, the essay is different living style of presentation and is intended to familiarity with the personality of man, his inner world, priorities, values, goals and inclinations. The main task of an essay of this kind - the inspection is to draw attention to the author. Often these texts deals with the “What I want to achieve in life? What are the ways and opportunities I see for this? (One of these options is usually trained in this institution.) Why I chose this school, why I believe that I am worthy of this study? (in this case requires not just an enumeration of the positive qualities of the applicant “dedication”, “intellectual talent” and the like, the disclosure of these qualities. For example, if approved by the commitment of the applicant, you should write “I’m goal-oriented. So as, in order to be able to study abroad, I am a long time attended courses and participated in such and such tenders received such and such awards and grants, earned money for training, etc. “).

Thus, the essay as a literary, popular science, historical, biographical, philosophical works, as the written work at school and a university, as well as a critical component of a package of documents for admission to foreign university - is a process very interesting and exciting . It should be remembered that the skill of writing such a work comes with experience and success will always be the essay author’s desire to reveal himself outside world.