Live entertainment on the Xbox 360 popular online games!

Senior Vice President of Consumer Technology American cable television channel HBO Berkis Otto (Otto Berkes), who helped in the release of Microsoft Xbox, notes that the original plan assumed that the original Xbox will be the center of digital home entertainment experience, not just gaming, but music, video, and so on.

It was a very good look at home video game consoles, but Microsoft was able to fully realize his vision only in the past year with the built-in service Xbox Live, when it celebrated its second-generation set-top box for almost 4 years.

Yusuf Mehdi (Yusuf Mehdi), head of marketing and business strategy, Microsoft Xbox, said that families now spend an average of 84 hours per month in the online service Xbox Live, playing, watching videos and listening to music. Indicators of this pastime has increased by 30% compared to last year. More than half the time held in the media, not online gaming entertainment. Learn more about Articles magazine!

Currently, Xbox Live still can not fully compete with television, occupying a people is estimated to average 150 hours per month, but the trend of displacement of habitual Internet technology services. So TV manufacturers are betting on the “smart TV”, and create their own online TV service.

People include my Xbox for games, and then use it for other kinds of entertainment, says Mr. Mehida. In recent years, Microsoft has added to the Xbox 360 a number of services that provide video on demand, including Netflix, ESPN, Hulu, Vudu and YouTube. And on March 27 included applications HBO Go, Major League Baseball and the Comcast Xfinity. Now, the total amount of music, television and video services on Xbox Live has reached 36.

New applications require users to purchase a separate subscription from cable network HBO, Comcast and Taxpayers can access an archive of 2,400 baseball games, as well as more than a thousand programs, HBO, including all the episodes of the original television series “Game of Thrones,” “Underground Empire” and “The Wire.” Comcast subscribers to open thousands of movies and television programs on various channels through Xfinity.

Berkis Otto noted that the Xbox has a very broad user base and provides a rich graphical environment. The number of subscribers Xbox Live reaches 20 million for their Microsoft also offers experimental features. All in all, has sold 66 million Xbox 360.