The introduction of a new school subject leads to a split in society!

Do not have time to finish the current school year, and most Russians are worried about the next attack, which will begin September 1, 2012. The fact that it was with the first of September of the school year in all schools of the Russian Federation will begin teaching the new curriculum a compulsory subject, “Fundamentals of religious cultures and secular ethics.”

The children of the fourth class on their own will choose one of six options for discipline. It seems to be okay, but teachers still very worried, because there are still many unresolved issues.

While the go-scale debate on the issue, officials from the Ministry of Education noted that the new object classes will be held in a friendly conversation, and their follow-up there will be no assessments or examinations.

But, despite all the comments of officials, the way in which innovation is divided. The journalists listened to the views of various interested parties and found that many of them, including representatives of different faiths, does not welcome such a rapid and general introduction of religious knowledge in schools.

More than just a new course scares primary school teachers, it is believed that many of them have to teach this very unusual for them to object. “It is not known, where we will be trained and to what extent - the teacher told a Moscow school. - All of this has not yet decided, but in any case, I have little idea how much you can learn a great amount of knowledge is so difficult for the remaining time until September 1. ” Learn more at

Welcome novelties mainly those of the school far enough.

- I am more than a decade has taught directing, - Honored Artist of Russia says the filmmaker Helen Tsyplakov, which has long positioned itself as a deeply Orthodox Christian. - And I’m always amazed that the elementary religious education is not nearly all. But without it is impossible to understand either classic literature or painting. In my opinion, the subject in the curriculum clearly needed. Especially when you have the choice to study Orthodoxy, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, or a little of everything, or just a secular culture.

In contrast to the actress chairman of the Congress of Jewish Religious Communities and Organizations of Russia Zinovy ​​Kogan refers to the study of religious cultures with a large grain of salt:

- I, of course, for the children to know what God is. But I think that it should not go through the school subject. It would be nice to Sunday in the morning on TV was a good program that tells about the basics of different religions. I think that before September 1, Ministry of Education should open the site - an interesting, good, with cartoons, and using the latest technology, which also examined the children with their parents to the basis of religious cultures and secular ethics included in every home. But the main thing - it’s Sunday schools. They need to breathe new life.

More doubts teacher school number 1311 in Moscow with the ethno-cultural (Jewish), a component of education, UNESCO’s Assistant Professor of the Moscow Institute of Open Education Arthur Klemperta:

- I look at this problem from several angles. First, as a teacher, and secondly, as a scientist, and thirdly, my father’s daughter, who in September will go to fourth grade. The idea, of course, wonderful. But it will be implemented - a very big question. Why in the fourth grade? Why is it so quickly, when there are no textbooks and normal, according to the Ministry of Education itself, produced only 50% of teachers? I’m afraid it might happen: the school itself will determine which module will be taught, and students simply put before the fact. And this is antivybor.

Interesting data pre-selection of modules received by the Ministry of Education: 47% of children chose the basics of secular ethics. This means that almost half of the children and their parents are either not interested in any of the religions or prefer not to advertise their religious beliefs.

- In regions of the ambiguous attitude to the subject, - the vice chairman of the Spiritual Board of Muslims of European Russia Farid Asadullin. - Some of the Caucasian director of schools believe that if the village 99% of ethnic Muslims, then you need to enter only one module. In Bashkortostan, Tatarstan, Director consider 50 to 50, that is, other than Islam can also enter a secular ethics. Meanwhile, Russia is home to more than 180 people. So I think that the main objective of this course - it teach tolerance. Therefore we must be approached very carefully to the introduction of this course, and in any case not in a hurry.