The official tribute to AC / DC in Russia, a group of Easy Dizzy, will celebrate five years

In May 2007, an unknown group of five musicians with a crazy idea to initiate a new surge of interest in the Australian rockers AC / DC, gave its first concert on the stage of the shopping center Gorbushkin yard.

At Easy Dizzy if there was not a popular or official permission of the «Sony Music», it was just a great desire to sing songs of the great AC / DC.

Quickly passed five years in which aspirations are embodied in the real musicians and professional concerts, geography, from Kaliningrad to the Ural Mountains, from the dull St. Petersburg and Odessa to the sun. Many concerts have been played during this time and in small clubs, and thousands of festival venues, including in conjunction with the legendary drummer of AC / DC - Chris Slade (Chris Slade)! Learn more about music downloads!

And so, the official tribute to AC / DC in Russia - Easy Dizzy Group invites you to a jubilee concert dedicated to the 5th anniversary of the group, which will be held May 17 at the club «Life Pub».
Together with the Easy Dizzy will appear on the scene:

Chris Slade (AC / DC, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, Uriah Heep, The Firm etc)
Sergei Voronov (Crossroads)
Nikolay Arutyunov (League of Blues, Funky Soul)
and many others.