Bubble Shooter!

Bubble Shooter combines various elements from games that were already known from the early days of computer games. These include Tetris, four wins or Space Wars, Asteroids or Space Invaders. In addition it is very intuitive and even novice players in most cases will immediately understand how the game works.

The goal of Bubble Shooter is to collect as many points as possible. This requires that the players at least three bubbles of the same color arranged adjacent to each other. These burst and then the player gets points. The longer the chain, the burst is the more points there for the train.

Bubble Shooter is controlled with the mouse. You place the cursor where you want to have there, like a bubble shot. The bubble you shoot then by clicking the mouse button. Should the path be free, then the bubble will be there. However, there is an obstacle in the way, this may be another bubble, then it can happen also that the bubble gets stuck there.

Complicates the game by the fact that more new bubbles are added and then the screen is always full. They are obtained from top to bottom. Closes when the screen is full and the bubbles have reached the bottom. There is no goal in the game, and thus no point at which the game has a regular end. Target points is easy to make and that as many as we like. More info here - http://www.meingames.de/bubble-shooter.html!

But not only on the playing field in Bubble Shooter Bubbles are always new, even in the “launcher” Bubbles are always new. It varies from game to game if the player anticipates that the bubbles he can fire next or if he does not know.

Today is Bubble Shooter in different variations and spread throughout the Internet. Hardly can a game page on which you are not playing Bubble Shooter. The various models differ in the “materials” are once it bubbles, balloons, and in another version in yet another variant, then there are hexagons. Here, the programmers were quite creative and the prevalance of Bubble Shooter, there are almost no way that there is not.

Bubble Shooter is a computer game that you want to play fast times in between and then often do not stop for a long time because you still want to collect more points. Therefore, caution is called for. Bubble Shooter is so much fun and you must be careful not to lose track of time. Otherwise, you can sometimes play fast for several hours at a stretch.