University professors coming together to fight and keep going Livanov educational reforms!

Following the independent trade unions of teachers and researchers in Russia and there was a professional association of university professors. Association of Higher Education “Free University” as the company appeared a little earlier researchers, is in opposition to the Ministry of Education and Science, as well as plans for a new reform-minded Minister Dmitry Livanov.

Creation of structures is an extension of the opposition street protests of the Russian intelligentsia, which is reoriented to the protection of electoral rights to the narrow professional.

The backbone of the created association of teachers of higher education, “Free University” were employees of State Humanitarian University, Moscow State University, School of Economics and the Academy of National Economy (RANHiGS). The origin of this union, whose leaders are critical of reform Ministry of Education, began, in fact, a particular problem - in November 2011 hundreds of employees suddenly canceled RSUH additions to the salary. Then the disgruntled teachers have published an open letter to the leadership, there was discussion on the Internet site, which addressed not only salary, but also lecture load, the reform of higher education. “By the time the idea of ​​the trade union has been in the air, some organizations were created in many universities,” - said one of the founders of the Association, Associate Professor Department of Cultural Philosophy Faculty of the Higher School of Economy Arseniy Khitrov. Learn more about Custom essay!

The union opposition-minded professors was a continuation of large-scale protests that began in Russia after the elections, said the other co-organizer of the trade union, professor of humanities RANHiGS Konstantin Morozov. At the winter meetings and processions attended thousands of scientists and teachers, after the recession of street activity, many have decided to defend their rights in a narrower area. “The system is experiencing a crisis the entire country. But now we’re back to the idea of ​​change that the industry in which we work, “- explains Morozov. He argues that the official registration of the trade union accelerated the appointment of a new Education Minister Dmitry Livanov and his first public remarks. “In Russia alone, the minister of education ignores the opinion of experts and scientists. Instead, the proposals for the gradual improvement of education Livanov, only came to the ministerial post, calls to cut by half the budget places, reduce the number of engineers. But it could take a pause to collect the views of professionals “- outraged Morozov.

The leaders of the new union are opposed to double standard wage. Statement by the Minister that the Russian-speaking professionals who come to the universities of Russia in the government program for the return of scientists, are 10-12 thousand dollars a month, and the same level of earnings from foreign professors, led to protests in the academic community. Although these numbers are a mystery has never been, says the dean of the philosophical and sociological faculty RANHiGS Peter Safronov. “Our part-time teachers receive a maximum of 900 rubles per academic hour, and its foreign counterpart, regardless of their status or merit - 4500. I like Dean come across this on a regular basis, and this five-fold difference in pay for me a big mystery. I do not understand why the work of domestic scientist estimated so low, “- said Safronov. However, according to his associates, university administration and staff of the administration of many universities are even more unreasonable amounts, rather than foreign counterparts. Leaders created the association argue that this will raise the issue of injustice among the first.

On Monday, May 28, members of the organizing committee of the association are going to publish the text refer to teachers of Russia to participate in the discussion of the union on a special website and organize their initiative groups in universities.

This is not the first oppositional “intelligentsia,” the union. Two years ago, an union of school teachers, “Teacher,” and this spring was the Society of Scientific Workers (ONR), critical for the guidance of Ministry of Education. The initiators of the creation of ONR became a leading researcher at the Institute for Nuclear Research, a scientific editor of the newspaper “Troitsky variant of” Boris Stern, head of the laboratory of the Institute of Problems of Mechanical Engineering, Prof. Alexander Fradkov, St. Petersburg State University and several other scientists. “Self-organization of scientists and university professors contributed to the whole situation in the country. People generally become harder to unite, because only together we can develop and society, and scientific spheres, “- said,” MN “Fradkov said. In the EPD has not yet formulated an unambiguous relation to the new profile minister. “We have to come into contact with him, a final determination will be no harsh statements after, and after the actual action,” - said Fradkov.

“Now the professionals of the protest actions and rallies go one hundred thousandth of the initiatives in his subject. People on the initiative of the bottom ekspertiruyut, formulate educational policies, analyze the effectiveness of the Ministry of Education. It is important that officials responsible for government policy, used their activity, “- said,” MN “, Deputy Chairman of the Commission on Education of the Public Chamber of Love Dukhanina.