An interesting proposal from the INTOUCH - Hull advantageous for Mazda, Opel and Ford!

As every car owner, to date, there are two main types of motor insurance: CTP, and Hull.

With the first type of insurance - CTP - everything is very clear: the abbreviation stands for “compulsory motor liability insurance”, the maximum limit of insurance payments upon the occurrence of cases set by law, tariffs are the same for all agents. The second variant, usually raises many questions: what exactly is meant by Hull, to the cost of insurance in different companies. We will try to answer them.

The assumption that the hull - an acronym that is wrong. In fact, the word «casco» Italian origin, and translates it as “the board”. The word was used because it was originally provided only insurance risk damaged Vehicles (sides): ships, planes, cars, and not harm to persons or goods. Currently, Hull - International legal term. Learn more about SSLCertificate.

List of insurance claims for processing a voluntary insurance contract defines itself motorist. From this list, and other conditions (brand, price and service life of the car owner’s driving experience, etc.) depends on the value of the policy. Moreover, almost every insurance company strives to offer customers special conditions and special programs that provide benefits to the insured, guided, of course, in this case and their own financial resources, and business interests.

One of the interesting proposals in the field of hull-insurance company does INTOUCH, providing special conditions of registration policy for owners of the popular car brands in Russia, Mazda, Opel and Ford. When buying a policy hull can save up to 35% of its value. The calculation is based on many factors, including age and model of car, age and sex of driver, his driving experience, accident-free driving, marital status. If the average market price of Hull with the repair from an authorized dealer of nearly 103,000 rubles, INTOUCH provides this service at a cost of about 69,000 rubles, or almost 50% cheaper. Still lower price of the policy with the repair of a dealer’s informal (approximately 56,000), or with a deductible of 10 000 and from informal repair dealer (about 36,000).

With concrete examples of cost calculations and the detailed terms and conditions of the policy-CASCO insurance can be found on the official website of the company, “INTOUCH» ( or call 8 (800) 444-44-44, preliminary calculations easily do in the online mode on the calculator site.