Prospective single Automatic!

I had to somehow write the essay.

And as the list of those deserving was not, wrote what was in my head.

And in my head had experience of using the existing national arms and thought, what a weapon it should be.

The starting point - the system of SCAR.

Asterisks in the text hide the name of my department, but you can replace the name of any special unit of the Russian Federation.

In the subject are the basic requirements for weapons. Methods of specific technical solutions - choice of designers.

In the current situation in the domestic arms industry all my thoughts seem to me semi-fantastic. So I write with ease.

I quote excerpts from a draft.

“…….. The analysis carried out by personnel ************ special operations, as well as the experience of other parts of the standard weapons ******* showed that staff weapons coming through the supply of department, it can effectively carry out the tasks to eliminate the armed terrorist groups.

Virtually all models of weapons, taken into service ************ developed for the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense and mostly do not meet the requirements and the specific tasks performed by special purpose entities *****

Serious criticism of the domestic produce low ergonomics of automatic weapons, which does not allow an employee to transfer instantly weapons from a safe position in the battle and vice versa. Learn more about ak accessories!

Also available in modern weapons required functions, such as the slide catch, especially necessary in the conduct of combat at close range and in confined spaces

There is no attachment for installation of modern optical and electronic sights, as well as various attachments (lights, front grip, laser designators)

The overwhelming number of samples does not take into account the physiological characteristics of the personnel - left-handedness.

In practice ************ many situations when the conduct of special operations, changes in the operational situation demanded changes in the composition of weapons in one single operation. For example, the personnel of the assault group was armed, according to the received operational data and arms to block and destroy the armed criminals in a private home ownership. If you change the situation when criminals changed their location, staff was forced to return to the point of permanent deployment and change of weapons. In one case, it is - short arms in the storming of the apartment and vehicle. In another case - silent weapon with night optical sights for the destruction of the terrorists during the night in the city.

Development of advanced armaments for ****

In service of the Russian Federation is not **** this kind of weapon as a light machine gun chambered for the reduced power supply with a belt. A light machine gun is required for special operations in urban environments and indoors to create a high density of fire with the support of the assault groups or activities gunner in the very assault team to give it more firepower.

Creating a machine gun or buying foreign models, such as the Minimi Para machine gun Belgian company will be armed with powerful **** and at the same time, a highly mobile weapons with more ammunition, powerful enough ammunition, smaller in size and weight compared with the standard PKM and the control panel .

At the same time, the new gun will be a complement to the PKM and the control panel.

These guns, have good fire capabilities, require modernization in the interest of ****:

-Reduce the size (shorter barrel with a tactical silencer, flash hider, folding stock, cartridge box of reduced size)

- Installation of a full forearm with bindings for the bipod, front grip, flashlight, and mounting fixtures on the top receiver for the installation of modern optical and electronic sights.

Need to develop technical specifications for automatic modular design meets the conditions of engagement of special purpose entities.

Basic requirements for a single machine:

Work-based automation in the disqualification of propellant gases from the bore. The gas piston with a short course, is not connected to the bolt carrier.

Lock-barrel rotating bolt.

-Trigger - a hammer type.

- Caliber - 5.45 mm or 7.62 mm


-For a 5.45 mm machine - BP, SOP, TM, CM or similar purpose, and perspective.

For the 7.62-/ 9mm machine - FS, 7N23, T-45, FF, SP5, CPP, BP, or similar purpose, and perspective.

Machine-to 7.62 mm with a barrel of 415mm to provide for the possibility of replacing the barrel and magazine for ammunition 9h39mm (chuck sleeve is made on the basis of 9h39mm sleeve chuck model 1943) in a variant assault (compact) or a silent machine.

- For automatic 5.45 mm caliber with a barrel of 415mm to provide for replacement with a shorter barrel for ballistics AKS-74U.

- Machines with all versions of trunks must be equipped with muzzle brakes, compensators, replaceable units for noiseless and flameless fire or flame arresters, silencers, tactical.

- Must have automatic gas regulator for reliable automation when you change barrels and calibers (to 7.62 / 9mm automatic).

-Trunks must have seats to install grenade launchers.

-Cover (or top), the receiver must have a guide for mounting a folding mechanical, optical or electronic sights.

-Replacement barrels must be firmly secured in the receiver, by means of screws or rusk connection. As an alternative can replace trunk with the top of the receiver.

-Forearm must have guide for mounting the front grip, bipod, flashlight or laser pointer.

-Machines should be equipped with two-way translators fuses fire, auto fuses on the operating handle or trigger.

The butt-machine to the right shape, not overlapping with gilzovyvodnoe window. It should be adjustable in length, a height-adjustable comb, a rubber recoil pad that reduces recoil when firing the grenade launcher.

-Food is made from the magazine capacity of 20 or 30 rounds with a feeder with a tooth, and slide stop shop for coupling attachment between them.

- Slide catch off key, or diverting the bolt back. Key features of controlled index or forefinger shooting hand.

-Shutter cocking lever is on the left side. In the absence of the keys off slide stop cocking lever must interchanged on both sides of the bolt for easy off stop bolt.

-Seat latch and the magazine must allow the use of shops AKM, AK-74, RPK, RPK-74, depending on the modification of a single machine.

Creation of a single machine for special forces will have to replace one sample machine with a barrel length of a standard, compact and quiet machine gun.

Promising a single machine will have a greater value than the specialized machines, but thanks to its modularity will replace some of the samples. If the machine will be in demand in other special purpose entities of the Russian Federation, it will increase the number of samples produced, which ultimately reduce the cost of their production.

Small arms and special tactics plays a critical role in successful combat missions assigned to the staff of the Russian Federation *******. However, the choice of weapons is practically not taken into account views and needs of specific users of the weapons. Often, new or experimental weapons does not reach the regional units performing combat missions in the North Caucasus Federal District, who have real combat experience, and almost daily use small arms to eliminate the armed terrorist groups.

However, their views on adopting or upgrading of a sample is not considered.

Based on the above offer is to establish a working committee of the Russian Federation *** to collect, analyze and develop technical specifications for the establishment of long-term automatic weapons for special forces of the Russian Federation ………….. *** “