Double-barreled shotgun from the company Gilboa Snake Silver shads!

Israeli company Silver Shadow has officially unveiled its new double-barreled automatic rifle received the name of Gilboa Snake.

Weapons firing simultaneously from two trunks.

Carbine Gilboa Snake will be in semi-automatic (double shot at the touch of the trigger), and in the automatic version. Double-barreled rifle shoots bullets Gilboa Snake 5,56 x45. The length of both trunks is equal to 241 mm. It weighs 4.08 kg of weapons.

The receiver has a Picatinny rail is long, allowing a variety of weapons to strengthen the collimator, optical and night sights. At the same bracket mounted and removable folding iron sights. Learn more about soviet uniforms!

Perforated plastic foregrip Picatinny also trims on the sides and bottom, which can be mounted front grip, bipod, taktichesiky lights or laser pointer. Carbine Gilboa Snake has an adjustable telescopic stock and ergonomic pistol grip.

Power is from a shotgun double standard box magazine capacity of 30 rounds each. Extraction of shooting cartridges carried in both directions. Automation, lock, trigger and other parts and mechanisms are generally not different from other clones of the AR-15.