How to write an essay.

In many countries, write an essay test or competitive selection process in any educational institution or for employment in key organizations. Such a test in the form of writing the text helps you learn the identity of the author, his outlook, the ability to express their thoughts and feelings. When writing the essay does not affect a large amount of knowledge of the author, you only need to invest in the text itself and then go. So, is how to write an essay?

First of all, before writing an essay, decide about what you write, to what extent and how. If you already have a theme, it’s just wonderful - the first problem immediately solved. If the theme of the essay is given free, the first thing you need to relax and think about what you write that you are more inspired, and that the head on the subject was a lot of information. Think about what you are happy or sad, excited, surprised or shocked, free essay topic varied experiment. Try to focus, try to relax and let go of all unnecessary thoughts, not related to your topic.

Before you choose a theme, you think, and whether it will be interesting to the reader and to you personally, the assessment is not by name, but by the content. The topic should be such to allow members to “turn around.” Learn more at

If you write an essay for the first time, then you probably have a question, “And what language to write an essay?”. Do not try to pressure at any cost, in the essay are appreciated sincere and heartfelt feelings. Only sincere feelings and attitudes make the text readable and sincere and interesting, this is called an essay. Because of this, essay writing strict regulations do not exist. As soon as you decide to write themselves. But many hold some requirements. Here they are:
The volume of essays.

As everyone knows, “Brevity - the soul of wit!” Sometimes quite a page or two to express everything, but if you are overwhelmed with feelings and emotions, write as much as you have enough. But remember that the amount should not lose sense of the text, the ease of perception of information and structure.
The structure of the essay.

In the essay procedure outlined thoughts as you see fit. Essay does not require chapters, content, conclusions and bibliography. Importantly, to the thoughts and feelings that appear in the process of writing, expressing sincerity and truth.
English essay.

The language in the essay should be, too, like to think freely, do not watch this scientific work.

So you figured out how to write an essay. Good luck to you!