Accounting programs

In the modern world, with our scope of work and with our branching companies and organizations, accounting is almost impossible without special programs. Demand creates supply - and that’s with the 90′s of the last century on the market starting to come out en masse and accounting software, is becoming more sophisticated. Now there are so many that choose the best becomes quite difficult. Today we look at several programs for accountants, who are among the most popular.

Typically, a review of accounting programs begin with “1C: Accounting”, but we depart from this tradition and consider the Russian system with the promising title “BEST”. It is primarily a program for reporting on trade (cash, bank accounts, sales statistics, conducting calculations with different reporting entities), but in the complex, and some programs are provided to the accountant for monitoring the light of the whole enterprise, calculate salaries, be accountable to the pension fund, to automate the activities of organizations. Most of the settings in the accounting program can be executed by the user, but the system is shut down and change the basic modules can only software company. In this regard, “BEST” loses some other accounting software, but is a fairly reliable and stable system, breakdowns, and “bugs” which are extremely rare. Learn more about Best small business accounting software.

Example of open source - “Info-Enterprise: Accounting.” As a result, an update for the program are available on a regular basis of accounting and include not only legislative changes, but - every time - some new features. These updates can be done either through an affiliate network, or automatically - through the global network. That openness allows the developer of this accounting program to keep the leaderboard.

Functionality of the system, “Info-Enterprise” is also quite good. Especially well it manifests itself in the calculation of salary, annual reporting to the Pension Fund, calculating sick leave, paid leave (number, date), and similar operations. This program - for an accountant who does not like numbers and long calculations, but is able to set a formula on which this calculation should be made. Specialists of the developer conduct free coaching, so take advantage of this accounting software can even the most careless employee. In this case, the basic version with standard module wage is only 4,900 rubles.

But the most popular accounting software remains “1C.” It supports the payroll sheets and other things, and, in principle, is the most complete accounting system in the Russian market: the number of possible to install modules exceeds all conceivable limits. However, on a normal LTD do not use them, and most of them are designed for very specific cases. Due to the same number of different data accountant difficult to immediately penetrate into this system, and the average time learning even the most bases of 2-3 years. A standard set of “1C” is worth 10,800 rubles, but with the price of service can increase several times.