Gibsons is known as the “Gateway to the Sunshine Coast,” and is located on the west shore of Howe Sound. This peninsula is primarily accessed by a 40-minute ferry ride from Vancouver giving it a relaxed, holiday atmosphere.

The Sunshine Coast has more artists, crafters and artisans per capita than almost any other area in Canada. Gibsons typifies this with its casual, tranquil arts- and outdoors-focused community.

The waters around Gibsons are a kayaker’s and sailor’s dream. Miles of protected waterways feature clusters of islands, numerous channels and sheltered inlets – all against a majestic mountain backdrop.

  • Population… (2006 Census) 4,182
  • Distance from Vancouver… 47 km (28 mi)
  • Distance from Richmond… 60 km (36 mi)
  • Distance from West Vancouver… 36 km (21 mi)
  • Distance from Whistler… 126 km (75 mi)
  • Transportation to 2010 Winter Games Venue Cities

    Gibsons lies over Howe Sound from Vancouver. Access to all the Host Venue Citiesof the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games requires a 40-minute ferry ride from nearby Langdale to Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver.

    Public transit is available between Gibsons and the Langdale ferry terminal.

    To Richmond:
    Driving to Richmond takes approximately two hours including the ferry ride.

    There is a coach service directly to the Vancouver ferry terminal. From there, visitors can take public transit to Richmond. Learn more about rates car insurance!

    To Vancouver:
    The drive between Gibsons and Vancouver takes approximately 90 minutes including the ferry trip.

    On arrival in Horseshoe Bay, transit passengers will find public buses to Vancouver.

    Coach service offers a direct route between Gibsons and Vancouver.

    To West Vancouver:
    Travelling to West Vancouver by car takes approximately one hour, including the ferry ride.
    Public buses link the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal with the rest of West Vancouver.

    To Whistler:
    It is a two hour drive from Gibsons to Whistler including the ferry ride.
    It is possible to take public transit from Gibsons to Whistler though this would be a lengthy trip requiring multiple transfers. Passengers would travel to Vancouver then take a coach to Whistler.


    Gibsons has a handful of budget-style hotel and motels which are easily accessible from the main highway.

    The numerous bed and breakfasts in the area are typically quite luxurious with features like hot tubs, ocean views, and private park-like settings.

    Things To Do

    Visitors interested in the work of the large local artistic community can attend one of the many arts festivals and events held throughout the year or take a guided tour of galleries and studios to watch artists at work.

    Spectacular provincial and marine parks provide travelers with ample outdoor leisure opportunities very close to town. In winter these include hiking, mountain biking, backcountry skiing and fishing.

    Gibsons Landing, the vibrant waterfront area, is a breathtakingly scenic place to dine, shop or stroll through the docks. This is the location of Molly’s Reach Restaurant, a popular attraction as the site of nearly two decades of filming for the internationally televised series, ‘The Beachcombers’, which aired during the 1970s and 80s.